Crisis Communications

10 + years of High-Profile National Crisis Communications Case Experience

Political Campaign Experience

10 + Local, Regional & National Distinct Campaign Leadership Positions


Quoted in over 25 + Local, Regional & National Distinct Print Outlets


Appeared in over 30 + Distinct Local, Regional Television Outlets

Appeared in over 100 + National Cable News Television Episodes


Heard on over 100 + + Distinct Local, Regional and National Radio Episodes


10 + years of Grass Root Organizing Coordinator experience

Served on over 10 + Government Appointed Boards and or Community Advocacy Boards & Committees

Business Owner Experience

10+ years owning and employing employees and or subcontractor experience

Corporate America Experience

15 + years

Additional and detailed experience available upon client request


Snapshot of National High Profile Cases

High Profile Attorney Benjamin Crump 

Tezlyn Figaro on historic prison reform first step act